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Please take a look through our Fashion Lens FAQs section below. However, if you have any other questions or would like further clarification on any of the answers below, please feel free to:

contact us by email  sale@quickclipinhairextensions.co.uk


What Are The Specifications Of Your Contact Lenses?

The Big Eyes/Bigger Eyes Range of contacts have a diameter of up to 19.8mm and base curve of 8.6mm.

All other contacts on the site have a diameter of 14-15mm and a base curve of 8.6mm.

Lenses have 38-45% water content and come immersed in a sterile buffered saline solution.


What Marks Of Quality Are Your Contacts Supplied With?

All contacts sold by QuickClpin.com are CE approved for use in the UK and Europe and carry ISO International standard control.


How Long Will My Contacts Last?

Quickclipin range of contacts come in different longevities:

Yearly: These contacts can be worn across a period of approximately 12 months from the date of opening

90-Days: These contacts can be worn across a period of approximately 3 months from the date of opening.

30-Days: These contacts can be worn across a period of approximately 1 months from the date of opening.

Each of these expiries only apply when the contacts are cared for, stored and handled correctly. Make sure to check each product packet to see the stated use period.


Is Wearing Colour Contacts Comfortable?

Quickclipin coloured contacts should not hurt. If you experience any instances of pain or serious discomfort, it is important that you remove the contacts immediately.

If it is your first time of wearing them, they may feel a little strange at first but this is perfectly normal and should ease in no more than an hour.

We do stress however that if you do not feel comfortable or completely at ease with your contacts in that they be removed immediately and stored in fresh cleaning solution.


Do I Need To Have A Professional Contact Lens Fitting To Purchase Quickclipin Contacts?

As our products are not lenses by definition (they are non-prescription plano contacts which do not alter your vision), you do not need a lens fitting prior to wear.

However, due to the fragile nature of the eye, we always recommend you visit your optician for a lens fitting prior to wear - especially if you are a first time user.


How do the contact lenses come?

The contact lenses arrive in padded bags in either a small glass vials (bottles) or plastic blister inside boxes depending which style is being purchased


Can I wear any of the contact lenses in this Store?
Yes anyone can wear the contact lenses within this store providing you do not have any eye defect. The contact lenses are for Fashion use and only change the colour appearance of your eyes not your vison, so if you have perfect vision and fancy something different then our lenses are for you.


I have damaged my lenses?

Unfortunately we cannot do anything when contact lenses re damaged after opening. It is very important that you hack lenses through clear vials/blisters before opening. Once opened the life of the contact lenses are in your hands to which we can no longer accept responsibility. Contact lenses are very soft items an can damage very easily.

How to check your order when it arrives for defect to be protected for a replacement or refund.
When your order arrives inspect each lens carefully through the clear vials/blister pack look for chips around edge or rips, all are very easy to notice as the fluid magnifies the lens. If you do suspect damage do not open them and return them back to us, for either an exchange or refund. We will repay you your postage cost.

Please note that we do not accept opened lenses back no matter yth circumstances, by opening the lens you are accepting that thy are free from damage.

Contact lenses are very soft lenses and can damage very easily for many reasons…..we recommend for vials that you use pliers when opening the alloy factory seal to prevent you from cutting your fingers. We lo recommend that you use cotton bud to remove lens from vial, the lens should wrap to the cotton bud making extracting from the bottle easy whilst protecting the lens.

Can I Wear My Contacts Overnight?

No - never sleep in your contacts. This may stop oxygen getting to your eye and cause serious damage. Always remember to remove your contacts before going to sleep and to store them in fresh cleaning solution for future wear.


Are QuickClipin's Contacts Actually Contact Lenses?

For the purposes of marketing and to enable our customers to easily find what they are looking for, our products could be described as 'contact lenses', 'colour contact lenses', 'patterned lenses' or 'cosmetic fashion lenses'.

We do state however that the range we stock are manufactured in accordance to cosmetic standards and are deemed in UK law to be a fashion accessory and not a contact lens.


Are Quickclipin's Contacts Soft or Hard?

Our contacts are all what would be deemed a soft lens.


Can You Wear 2 Contacts In 1 Eye?

You must NEVER wear 2 contacts in one eye. You can wear a single pair under prescription glasses if these are needed to adjust vision but wearing 1 pair of contacts on top of another could be very dangerous.



Quickclipin.com nor any affiliated trading name or Limited company associated with Quickclipin is not responsible for

  1. 1.    Damages that might arise from wrong handling of coloured eye contacts, transit or cleaning agents, wrong application of the cleaning agents, exaggerated wearing times, staining and tearing of coloured eye contacts and wrong ordering information
  2. 2.    Goods supplied defective by the manufacturer
  3. 3.    The compatibility and the possible consequences of the goods supplied. Should your ophthalmologist or optician have advised you not to wear eye contacts, you must not use these contacts either. We explicitly recommend you consult an ophthalmologist or optician about how to handle the contacts appropriately. The contacts might not be suited to you, always ask your ophthalmologist or optician about this.

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