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Free Colour Matching Service

Not sure which of our 100+ hair colours is best for you?

We have 2 options for you...

1. Send us Photos of Yourself

If you want quick colour matching advice then you can email your pictures to [email protected].

OR USE FORM to attach pics at bottom of this page.

Please make sure that you take the photograph in daylight using no flash.

One of our colour matching experts will recommend the best colour for you within 24 hours (during business hours).

2. Send us a Snippet of Your Hair

If you are unsure of which colour is the best colour match for your hair then you can send us a snippet of your own hair. Our hair experts will recommend the best blend for your hair.

Please include your full name and contact information (preferably email address) so that we can recommend the best colour for you.


Simply post your snippet to this address (below).

Quick ClipIn
165 High street

Important Note

We understand that it is not possible to give a perfect reproduction of the true hair colour on Web (due to many variables that can affect the way it appears to the viewer on screen), therefore in case if you receive the wrong colour then you can always exchange it for a different colour FREE of charge. While sending back the set, you can always use the option of uploading your own pictures or sending your own hair snippet/hair sample along with the returning item to get our experts' advice on a colour match.

  • Your Name: *
  • Email Address: *
  • Phone Number:
  • Message: *
  • Images (you must provide at least one image) *

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