Get an eagle-eyed look with these MaxVue Luminor Contact Lenses. These crazy contacts have a bold yellow and black design giving you a fiery aura of a bird of prey. The glowing yellow wreath in flame-like design which surrounds your pupil will give your eyes an intense expression, perfect for Halloween costumes.

Suitable for all eyes, MaxVue Luminor Contact Lenses are non-prescription meaning they will not affect your vision and are designed for fashion purposes, designed for people who have no vision problems wanting cosmetic eye colour change/enhancement

You’ll be amazed by how much these cool lenses can change your overall look and this is a great way to surprise your friends with your new style choice as well as being ideal for Halloween. Get everything you need in this kit to bring a completely new colour to your eyes and keep enjoying them for up to 1 year!


  • Style: 1 PAIR Luminor Lenses
  • Plus 60ml lens clean solution & case
  • Colour: Yellow & Black
  • Hydrogel Material/42% water
  • Diameter: 14mm/B.C: 8.6mm
  • Features: 1 year of Usage, Reusable
  • Note: For Cosmetic Use Only

Note: Before wearing lens after wash hands, it is normal to cleanse your finger and lens by solution before you wear. We provide 60ml soft lens Cleaning Solution and case with each pair contact lens purchased so you have all you need in order to do this…..please see instructions for use and care guide inside packaging and on website.